Need new handballs?

This season, VELUX is launching an initiative to donate official VELUX EHF Champions League handballs to teams in the 8-14 age group. They will be provided by the new official ball supplier SELECT. Apply by filling out the form below and you will be in the running to receive 12 new SELECT balls for your team. See the Q&A below for answers to the most common questions.
Who can apply for new handballs?
All interested parties can apply for new handballs, but the balls need to go to a handball team in the 8 – 14 age group. You could either be a player on a team in the age group, a parent, coach or just know of a team that could use some new handballs.
How do you choose the ones that will receive new handballs?
A dedicated person will look through all applications. We will draw 20 applicants each month to receive the handballs.
How many handballs will each team receive?
Each team will receive 12 new SELECT handballs in their desired size in a ball net.
How many handballs do you donate in total?
During the VELUX EHF Champions League season of 2016/2017 we will donate 3.300 SELECT handballs.
How many teams can expect to receive new handballs?
About 220 teams can expect to receive 12 new SELECT handballs in a ball net.
When can I expect to receive the new handballs?
If your team is chosen, you can expect to receive the 12 new handballs 2 - 3 weeks after you receive a confirmation email.
How will I know if my team will receive new balls?
If you are drawn to receive new handballs you will receive an email with further information. And we will publish all teams on
Do I have to pay for participation?
No. There will be no cost involved for the team/person who applies for the new handballs.
Why can I only choose three sizes of handballs?
We have chosen to give something back to the youth of handball. It is only possible to choose between ball sizes suitable for the 8 to 14 age group.
Why should I upload a picture?
We would like to know as much as possible about the applicants but we also need to keep the application template as simple as possible. The picture could be of the team, the used balls or any reason to choose your team. It’s your opportunity to show why your team needs new balls.